Thank you, but cropping is an issue due to this being the ratio for the calendar. There will be a different photo used anyway. I just wanted an opinion from people who know photography, and I appreciate your input! I do have a tendency to focus on the dog/subject too much and don't see the distractions. I really need to work on that
It was a cloudy dark day and I was trying to get some speed to hopefully get something that wasn't blurred. This is a beautiful yard, but small, so not too much room to play. I had to get close, and foster dogs don't usually sit still for more than 2 seconds LOL.
My camera is noisy with high iso/low light, that's why the 200. This lens is actually at it's best with F4 and I'm surprised the DOF wasn't more shallow.
Do you see anything in the EXIF info that I could have done differently?