I don't know if Roman's treatment is color accurate, but it sure does look the best to me.

Yes Roman seems to have worked his LAB color magic on this image. However, with respect, I don't think it really addresses the problem of the busy background that Loueen was concerned with. On my calibrated monitor, there is more color saturation, but the overall luminosity is darker and I see loss of detail in the shep's face, especially in the eyes. Moveover, the more colorful background is even more distracting to me now (especially the reeds). I think as has been said by others to make this a real portrait of the shep it really needs to be separated from the background with shallower DOF, either at capture or in post. Actually, as I would expect, Roman has used his excellent landscape talent to make this a very nice landscape, with a pooch in it. Just my $.02.