Thanks James,
They did have fun, just out romping in the yard. I thought wed be out longer, but they seemed to get a little cold. And the old one in your favorite shot was tiring. Shes 9 and goes in short bursts.

The white balance was set to sunny, but I readjusted it slightly to the gray card shot, I took. I have never been happy with Nikons white balance. And I wish I could take credit for the composition on that last shot, but when you are tracking them with a 180mm prime, you get what you get:)

I thought my color was OK, but you never know since I have nothing for calibration. I have a CRT that is setup pretty well, but setting that one correctly will mess up the color on my LCD. Moving the picture from CRT to LCD I see a huge difference and started second guessing myself. Thanks for the reassurance.

Thanks, Jeff