Thanks James,

Do you have a problem with the same thing that Jim mentioned? The glow about her? I can see what he is talking about, I looked on the original RAW file, and the glow is not there, so it must have been a "side effect" of the - 70 clarity in Camera Raw. I'm going to see if I can brighten her up with out getting that 'halo' around her.

For some reason, since I joined ( in July ) I can browse, pick the file, then tell it to upload, but it just sits there. Then it will say "done" on my browser, but the photo is not there. It has to be one of my settings on Mozilla, but I am not sure what.

How do I just add a photo here with out attaching it as a file? Maybe that will work better.

Thanks for your input.


Penny J. Wills