Note, there are a couple of pieces that are not really 'news,' per say, but blog items. I think they are interesting, so I added them.

Acadia National Park News:
Mr. President, Some Suggestions for Your Long Weekend At Acadia National Park
hree days might not qualify for official "vacation" status, but the First Family's trip this weekend to Acadia National Park should provide enough time for President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their kids to sample some of the highlights of this Down East treasure.

Everglades National Park News:
Both Giant Predators Die
Two of the planet’s deadliest predators, living in the swamps of Florida, died in a lethal duel. This very uncommon sight greeted rangers in the Everglades National Park, when they found both a 1.8m alligator and a 3.9m Burmese python dead, in south Florida, Miami-Dade, in a remote location of the park.

Grand Canyon National Park News;
Man's body recovered from Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon National Park rangers say they have recovered the body of a man below Moran Point.

Appeal Filed in Lawsuit to Protect Grand Canyon From Uranium Mining
Conservation groups and Native American tribes today appealed a federal court decision that denied a request to halt uranium mining just six miles north of Grand Canyon National Park. The appeal filed with the Ninth District Court of Appeals challenges a lower court’s June 17 decision on the groups’ request for a preliminary injunction at the Arizona 1 uranium mine. The appeal was filed by the Center for Biological Diversity, Grand Canyon Trust, Sierra Club, Kaibab Paiute Tribe and Havasupai Tribe.

North Cascades National Park News:
Visitors find artistic inspiration in North Cascades National Park
For their 10th wedding anniversary, Kori Crane's husband handed her a check and told her she could only spend it on an art class.

Outside the US/Canadian Park System:
Buffalo kills man on park walking trail
One man was killed and three of his companions were injured yesterday by a buffalo on a walking trail in the Mountain Zebra National Park, near Cradock in Eastern Cape.

Yellowstone (and Grand Teton) National Park News:
Lightning sparks small blaze in Yellowstone
Park officials do not expect a fire near Doane Mountain in Yellowstone National Park to grow significantly and will allow it to burn for now.

More Delays Possible From Yellowstone Road Work
Motorists in Yellowstone will see more delays over the next few weeks because of road work.

Study: Global Warming Could Negatively Impact Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Climate change exacerbated by global warming could decrease the diversity of life in the Greater Yellowstone Region's montane meadows, leading to a decrease in the amount of flowers and impacting the food chain depending on them.