Acadia National Park News:
Fun along the Maine coast ends for Obamas after weekend of hiking, biking in national park
President Barack Obama and the first family had an energetic weekend vacation along Maine's Atlantic coast.,0,2512510.story

Long pants for most park rangers, heat or no heat
If you happen to run into a National Park Service park ranger this week, you might want to buy them a cold drink. Though most Washingtonians are suffering through the summer heat, at least you don't have to do so in long wool pants.

Mount Rainier National Park News:
Popular Mount Rainier National Park trail is restored, rerouted
The stump held on for days, even as five workers hacked and chopped at it, and tugged on it with the help of a harness and pulley.

Outside the US/Canadian Park System:
New Zealand government backs down on national park mining
The New Zealand government bowed to public opinion Tuesday and abandoned proposals to open up some of the country's most scenic national parks to mining for gold and other minerals.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
Good Samaritans Help Speed a Rescue at Rocky Mountain National Park
Despite occasional news stories about people who refuse to get involved when they see someone in distress, a recent incident at Rocky Mountain National Park confirms that most park visitors are willing to pitch in when things go wrong. Several climbers provided invaluable help when a fellow mountaineer came to grief high on Longs Peak.

Yellowstone (and Grand Teton) National Park News:
2 rescued after accidents
Grand Teton National Park rangers used a helicopter to assist two injured hikers in separate accidents Sunday in the Tetons.

Report: Warning signs removed at griz mauling site
Two researchers who tranquilized and studied a grizzly bear hours before the animal killed a hiker near Yellowstone National Park removed warning signs as they left the site, an investigation has found.