Glacier National Park News:
Glacier National Park Rangers Caution Visiors To Be Bear Safe
It is the peak summer season at Glacier National Park and that means an increased chance of people encountering black bears, grizzly bears and other wildlife both on park trails and roads. Rangers ask visitors to be extra cautious while in the park.

Leaping deer injures cyclist in Glacier Park
A rider was hospitalized after colliding with a buck deer that attempted to jump over his motorcycle Sunday on Glacier National Park’s Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Mount Rainier National Park News:
Seattle scientist killed in Mt. Rainier fall
Veteran Seattle mountain climber Lee Adams III died Tuesday afternoon after a climbing party he was leading down from Mount Rainier's summit fell into a crevasse.

Outside the US/Canadian Park System:
Uganda anthrax outbreak kills 82 hippos in reserve
Ugandan officials say an anthrax outbreak has killed 82 hippos in the last month and a half.

Study shows tiger numbers rising in Nepal park
The number of rare tigers in a national park in Nepal has increased by more than one third in the last two years, a study has shown, after authorities set aside more land for the animals.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Male dies in bear attack at campground near Yellowstone
At least one bear rampaged through a heavily occupied campground near Yellowstone National Park in the middle of the night Wednesday, killing one person and injuring two others during a terrifying attack that forced people to hide in their cars as an animal tore through tents.

Park director touts Recovery Act, rescue
National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis yesterday praised the Grand Teton National Park rangers who rescued 16 climbers last week and said Recovery Act funds were being used to fix park infrastructure in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton and elsewhere.

Report from the Field: Yellowstone Beach Fire Now 95 Percent Contained
Turn out the lights, Martha: the Beach Fire -- which at one point threatened to take out a large swath of Yellowstone National Park -- is now 95 percent contained, as the Incident Management Team prepares to hand off mop-up operations to the National Park Service tomorrow.

Changes in Gun Laws Having Minimal Impact on Yellowstone
So far this summer changes in America's gun laws, allowing legal gun owners to transport weapons in America's National Parks, has had a minimal impact on Yellowstone National Park, according to rangers and Park officials.

Yosemite National Park News:
Garage sale negatives verified as $200M Ansel Adams trove