Hey Jim,

1.. The prints came from a place called "Fracture Me." The larger prints are not on their website. You need to call them and speak with them. The largest prints they currently will make are 18x24s. I am trying to convince them that 20x30 is a must...and I would like the option to go bigger than that.

2. As to the booth, it was entirely 'hand made.' The most important part is that it is actually only a 'half a booth.' What you are seeing on the right are actually hotel drops and poles. This allowed me to use only my own light stands and poles for the front and back of the booth. This was very important because it really helped drastically reduce the temperature inside the booth. In the event that I ever decide I want to do more shows (still not really something I am interested in), I may consider getting this same sort of design. It was perfect and much easier to handle then what I built last year. Last year, I had a massive thing to build and honestly, while it was definitely sturdier (and more of a traditional booth), it was not as good.