I have never done a show, much less something like James did for the Westminister. Based on his excellent article and some of the advice here on NWP, I have decided to do two shows. They are one day events, dog shows for the Bully Breeds. I have reserved a double booth for both shows (10x20) based on James recommendation. I plan to have black, white, mottled red and a gray backdrop; a similar light setup to what James showed except my forward light is a 48x36 softbox.

I have so many questions I do not know where to start. How do you get customers; I plan to offer same deal as James, no sitting fee, only pay for prints? Do you do showing of images on-site or do them later via website? How long between shoots, I am thinking maybe 30 minutes or is that not enough time? These are only single day events so would need to keep shoots fairly short. I will have an experience handler to help me. Please offer any advice.