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Jim, I don't think it looks like he is promoting the breed in a negative manner. They don't have a sweet cuddly goofy look. They are powerful dogs. They should LOOK like powerful dogs. He is catering to the owners, not pet people.

I don't see the banner as being combative and warlike? Is it the fact it is black? APBT are not bichon's. Its kinda like when I have had non whipppet conformation class people pick my whippets tail up in the air trying to make it look like a sporting dog. I had to tell them to stop, it was wrong for the whippet breed.

I am sure some will be looking for sweet portraits and nothing smiles quite like these dogs!!

I think it's possible to show power without menace. The event banner is definitely (at least in my eyes) menacing.

The poster does have an initial negative look but it is aimed at owners of this breed; I don't find it offensive or negative. Here in Florida, we frequently see posters for Bike Week, the posters in the Harley shops are always "guy in wife beater t-shirt and girl on back with little covering her topsides"-this is also a group with image problems that tries to project a good public image but also privately enjoys the negative image.