I know this is an old post - but I would like to ask some questions about the first image. I know this may be a strange comment, but I like the image also but I am not sure why. Typically when I shoot an image that is only background, it is dull, has no depth, and does not bring me into the shot. This is regardless of how dramatic or beautiful the background actually is. I now rarely even try to take shots of a background unless I can find something interesting in the foreground preferrably, and if not, at least middle ground.

Now to this first shot from Roman. I really like the shot, but there is no foreground or midground. This is a shot entirely of a background, but I still feel like there is a depth to it, and I am brought into the image.... why???
I have noticed this with several of Roman's images.... Is it because of the detail? This image does not have particularly strong shadows or contrast, or some sort of dynamic composition - yet I am still attracted to it.

Is it because the elevated perspective? If so, why am I not bothered by the lack of foreground / middle ground?

Hope these questions are understandable and someone can relate to them...

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