Hi Roman,

Thanks for the comments. LOL, I should open these forums so that others can share - right now, the articles, reviews and other 'forum' content can only be posted in by me and the moderators.


PS Glad you liked the review and were suitably impressed by the colors and textures that this sensor can produce. Regardless of the price of the upcoming SD1, it is definitely going to be a very impressive beast.

I was totally excited when I saw the SD15 was coming out and the specs. I have to say that after the release, I am not that excited. My major hurdle is the price.

The sensor kicks butt, and while it is a 15MP camera with about 22-28MP performance in output, I can pick up the D3X from Nikon with 24MP, have better build, better DR, 14bit color, more features, better ISO performance and a larger selection of lenses and accessories....all for about $1,000 less.

If the Sigma was price between $2,000 - $3,000, I could see value in it, but they priced it in lower end medium format territory. For me that is the stratosphere. Even at the $7,000 expected street price, it has priced itself out of my radar.

It is a VERY nice camera, just not sure Sigmas marketing team was really understanding the market they are facing.

I have to say though, looking at the colors you got from your test shots, they really are georgous files. smile