Denali National Park News:
Park Service Changes Tack About Denali Road Lottery Applications
The National Park Service backtracked Tuesday when it announced it will accept entries for the annual Denali Road Lottery by phone and mail.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park News:
Firefly show takes stage in Smokies
4 more nights left in peak viewing
You only have four more nights to watch the synchronous fireflies in the Elkmont section of the national park.|topnews|text|Frontpage

Misc. National Park News:
Protection of wolves in Maine debated
A federal proposal to remove wolves in Midwestern states from the Endangered Species Act is causing alarm in Maine among wildlife advocates who fear the delisting also could end legal protections for wolves in the Northeast if they exist, that is.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
First pine beetle effect study for Colorado conducted by CU-Boulder
Hydrologic effects on the Colorado environment due to mountain pine beetles is no longer speculative, thanks to a 3 year long CU-Boulder study led by Evan Pugh, a geological sciences doctoral student.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park News:
Elk reduction gearing up for second season
Sportsmen and women will notice some changes in the elk reduction at Theodore Roosevelt National Park when the program goes into its second year this fall.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Environmentalists, snowmobile advocates voice opinions on Yellowstone winter use proposal
Deciding how the world's first national park should be used during the winter has long been a contentious issue, and Wednesday evening that tradition continued as environmentalists, snowmobile advocates and community members congregated to voice their opinions on the park's newest idea.

Keeping an eye on Yellowstone's supervolcano
When next 'big one' will be is anyone's guess but you don't want to be here
It's no mere doomsday pseudoscience: The Yellowstone supervolcano really could be the end of us all. When the Yellowstone Caldera the name of the national park's geographic structure, which roughly translates as "caldron" blows its lid, much of the continental United States will get covered in a blanket of ash.