Acadia National Park News:
MDI bus system adds Ellsworth route
The seasonal bus system that provides free rides on and around Mount Desert Island during the summer has plans to add stops in Ellsworth to its schedule this summer.

Glacier National Park News:
More of Glacier NP opens, get in free to mark summer
Folks can get into Glacier National Park for free on Tuesday to mark the first day of summer.

Glacier National Park Embarking on Long-term Grizzly Bear Study
Without doubt, Glacier National Park is in the heart of one of the wildest ecosystems in the lower 48 United States -- the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem. But how wild is it when it comes to grizzly bears? A new study will help answer that question.

Glacier National Park Begins New Grizzly Bear Study
Glacier National Park is entering in to a new long term study analyzing the trends of the grizzly bear population in the northern continental divide. Bait stations, automated cameras, and traps will all be part of it which is why park officials are asking guest to keep out of such areas if passing by a clearly marked grizzly study location.

Where will grizzly bears roam?
Wildlife Conservation Society scientist assessesconservation value of 1.3 million acres of roadless public land in Montana's Crown of the Continent Ecosystem
The independent assessment, written by WCS Senior Conservation Scientist Dr. John Weaver, is a compilation and synthesis of the latest information on these species and how climate change may affect them from 30 biologists in the region and from nearly 300 scientific papers. In addition, Weaver spent four months hiking and riding horseback through these remote roadless areas to evaluate their importance for conservation.

Grand Canyon National Park News:
Temporary Ban Extended on New Uranium Mines Near Grand Canyon
The Obama administration extended a ban on new uranium mine stakes around the Grand Canyon by six months, and said it supports a 20-year ban on new claims, federal officials said Monday.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
Trail Ridge Road closure delays bike tour
Participants in the 2011 Bicycle Tour of Colorado are on standby in Estes Park this morning, June 20, waiting to hear if Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park will open.

Colorado in line for another burst of winter weather
The first day of summer is Tuesday, but winter weather isn't done with Colorado just yet.

Yellowstone (and Grand Teton) National Park News:
Yellowstone takes winter use debate to the Web
Those who want to weigh in on the proposed Yellowstone National Park winter-use management plan but dont want to travel to one of the public meeting sites can still voice their opinions.

Zion National Park News:
Chimani Launches Zion National Park App for iPhone and Android
Available for free for a limited time (Android version only 99 cents). The app offers a 45 minute audio tour of the Zion Canyon, a high-resolution GPS-enabled map, constantly updated ranger led activities, shuttle bus schedule, and over 70 photos.