Hello, I joined this forum quite a while ago but I don't think I've posted since then smile. For the past oh...maybe 18 months or so I have been teaching myself the art of child and pet portraiture. Last year I gave free sessions to anyone who would let me photograph them or their pets (lots of people signed up when I was free lol!), so I could learn, and several months ago I started my photography business.

I've had a really slow start - very difficult for me to attempt to run a (part-time) business and raise four children. I'm not even sure this is something I'll continue to attempt to do because I don't think my heart is in the business side of it. However, yesterday I booked my first "stranger" pet session and I'm so excited! Usually it's a friend or a friend of a friend or a relative of a friend that hires me lol, but this person picked up one of my cards at our local pet "spa".

Anyway, here is some of my recent work - I think it's all from this year. The boxers are mine - so much easier to photograph than my children! I always appreciate constructive criticism so feel free to offer it smile.

These were uploaded from Flickr which must sharpen everything? Does anyone know if that's true? Many of these were already sharpened for FB before I loaded them to flickr so they may appear too sharp and a little crunchy.

ISO on this one was 1000. Really high for my humble 50D but I was losing light fast. It's a little grainy because of it.

I think my ISO was 1250 here and in the previous photo so again, the grain smile.

I only use natural light or maybe I should say available light since I will use my speedlight at times.

Not my usual clean editing but it's my girl Freya, so I love it.

I have more from free sessions last year but I've probably posted way too many already wink.