For those of us that live in California, especially on the coast, today's critter, the Gray Whale, is a familiar visitor in our waters. We usually see them heading down to their calving lagoons in Baja Mexico. Way back in the winter of 1986 my wife and I headed south and spent a week on a boat in Bahia de Magdalena observing these behemouths in the calving and breeding grounds and I recommend this to anyone as a really great trip. Unfortunately, these were the days of film and frankly I didn't really have great camera gear in those days. The images today are scanned in slides from these days and while the IQ is not up to my current standards, the subject matter is wonderful. I'm thinking I need to go back down there in the next couple of years with my digital gear.

WARNING: These pictures were taken in whale breeding grounds and there is some whale sexual content. This is probably the first time many of you will see a whale's "junk".

Gray Whale