Ok, not sure about this. Does the shot have to be taken during the time of the contest, or can we put older shots in?

I personally would like to keep one shot ONLY as it was tough to vote last time as I would have voted for one shot, but as a group, I couldn't identify what specifically voted for. That affected seriously what I voted for last time. I think the results would have been differently as some of the multiple shots given were placed by one photographer ranged wildly as to whether I would have voted for it or not.

So I strongly suggest one single shot per participant.....and will await your ruling on whether the shot has to be taken DURING the contest period or any shot can be entered.


Originally Posted By: James Morrissey
Good question. You know, the more I think about it, the more I think that we should keep the rules the same as last month. If this grows and we get more people participating (versus just viewing) then we can make it more strict. So, I guess the answer is- let us go out and have some fun with this. Multiple images are allowed for the time being. Ultimately, I think people just pick one anyway. :P