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2. As to is it ok for a dog theme - I defer to the group - i ideally like something everyone can participate in. However, w that consideration, I am fine with it.

Although the recent passing of our beloved Border Collie "Bandit" leaves our home depressingly empty of canine companionship, I don't feel a dog related challenge would present an insurmountable obstacle to forum members.

Between friends and neighbors, the dog park down the street, the Humane Society & various other shelters, not to mention the multitude of dogs one encounters on the street every day, I would be hard pressed to think of anyone who doesn't have the opportunity for daily contact with dogs.

I know that our local Humane Society is real responsive to folks who walk in and ask, "Do you have any dogs that need walking today?", even if you are not adopting.

I say that if Kerri would like a dog related challenge, go for it!