Gday folks!

I am a new poster even though I have been registered since
December. I do not get into forums much but I like the style
and pace of NWP so thought I would try it out! Some
interesting topics/info in here.

We just got back from world heritage listed Fraser Island
(Great Sandy National Park) in SE Queensland. Just lovely.
The world's largest sand island. The birdlife there is great.

Our trip coincided with "Bird Week" there. We attended as
novice "birdos" but I am pleased at the number of birds
I got to see or photograph while there and on the
mainland at Hervey Bay. I will return one day!

I probably should have taken part in more of the arranged
activities/presentations but I was more interested in just
getting out there and taking pictures!
If anyone is interested in taking a look I have pictures split into birds, other wildlife and scenics:


Other wildlife:

Scenics etc:



My online photo galleries: