Hi again!

Thanks for the welcome and comments.

Fraser Island is a great place if you like to commune with nature. You will not find 'normal' roads there, only 4wds are allowed on the island and the roads (sand) are true roller coaster style! Bumpity bump - I got a good back massage (!!) when I got to ride up front in the 4wd 'bus'.

The honeyeaters were great, I could get quite close to some of them. I think we made alot of "birdos" jealous with our close shots of the little Scarlet Honeyeaters as apparently they are hard to photograph and buzz around high up in the trees. One morning we found them down in low branches. Very pretty.

Birds can be a challenge, thats for sure. Just because a location may have X number of sightings or X and Y species there its no guarantee of seeing or photographing. But I had a productive week there, even if I did have "shortish" telephotos :-)

Hi PC! Yes wild dingoes on Fraser, but they are not everywhere as one might expect after viewing glossy brochures. We saw one and he scampered off into the forest. No time for a picture.



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