The Plumster is still here!! We're trying to work out the logistics of getting him up to his new home in KY. Hate flying puppies so we're hoping to come up with a reasonable alternative. Meanwhile, we have the two juvenile delinquents -- Plummy and Big Blue -- and they now have the pleasure of having to walk outside on their own because they are now too heavy for carrying. Well, for me anyway smile. So, they have to reconnoiter the big step up from the LR to the DR, then 2 steps down onto the back porch, then out the door to FREEDOM!! After that, Linda and I have to round them up and try to put them in the pen which they, of course, are much too mature to be in smile. Plummy is definitely the more confident of the two. He just follows me wherever I go and if I ask him to go up or down a stair, he does it. No problem.

Big Blue is a little more leery. He's willing to follow but just as often, he goes off on his own explorations. And he needs to be convinced about those stairs. But, while Plummy clings a bit, Big Blue is perfectly happy to walk out into the yard and find some adventure. They are adorable together and equally cute individually. Do we have second thoughts? Yup. But whether it's curbing Big Blue's independence or getting The Plumster to curb his enthusiasm a bit, each puppy will take some individual training and specific bond-building without the comfort of the rest of the litter.

Reports from the new owners are very positive and everyone seems very happy with their new additions. Which is, after all, the objective of breeding. Finding wonderful families that can enjoy these 20 lb. piles of puppy and help them grow into the types of dogs we need more of in our breed. At this moment, I have no doubt these kids will be great dogs. And our responsibility is to make sure not only of our own but of each of the puppies as they grow up and their families need advice and counsel.

So, stay tuned for a few more Plummy/Big Blue photos.


Jim Garvie