"Shenanigans"? How old are you? smile smile

More stuff to come. The two boys still here -- Plummy and Big Blue -- are now learning all the things they should be learning if both were in their new homes (and Blue IS). Today, it was collar and leash walking. Plummy was wonderful. Blue was a total PIA. Remind me again of why we picked Big Blue. The major difference is that Plummy wants to please us and Big Blue could care less. He's off to see the world and would prefer it if we didn't do anything to hold him back. We love them both but they are very different both physically and in terms of attitude. Both are very sweet and very loving so it's not a temperament thing. It's a matter of what they need. Plummy needs us and Big Blue needs more space to find himself smile. They are so unbelievably cute! Looks like I'm going to have to sell myself to Big Blue. Plummy is going to KY as soon as we figure out how to get him there.


Jim Garvie