I'm reluctant to write this but . . . we've changed our minds. We're keeping Plummy. These past few weeks have allowed us to see these guys for far longer than is usual with litters and to see how they handle things most puppies don't have to deal during those first 8 weeks. Let me state that we love Big Blue every bit as much as when he was just a few days old. And, we are convinced that physically, he's the better of the two puppies. How each of them turn out as adults is anybody's guess but, at the moment, Big Blue has a better topline, a lovely neck-into-shoulder, better front, and is truly the more athletic of the two.

For Plummy's physical positives: he has more substance/bone, has a pretty nice topline himself and an excellent rear. Negatives: plummy has a slight break in his topline behind the whithers, a slightly lighter eye and he's a bit wide in front at the moment. Of course, he's a bit wide all over at the moment so I'm not sure that's a huge issue long term smile.

But what ultimately swayed us was how the boys matched up with their grandpa Rowdy in what is the most important area: which one would make the better Therapy Dog both now and as an adult. And, while they are really wonderful puppies, Plummy has a certain something that makes him more approachable, more lovable and he's more confident facing new situations, loud noises and changes in his environment. We answered the question when we discussed which of the puppies we'd be more comfortable taking to the AKC/Eukanuba Meet The Breeds exhibit that is associated with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship here in Orlando next month. Linda has designed the American Rottweiler Club's booth for that show and we'll be manning it (and bringing the representatives of the breed we feel people should meet). One of those representatives will be a puppy. And we concluded that Plummy is the one that would probably handle all that hubbub best.

Having a lovely show dog is nice. But it isn't the reason we breed. Creating good Rottweilers is why we breed and when we think back about Rowdy's "careers", the things that made us most proud were not his accomplishments in the ring. They were the things he accomplished in his Therapy work. We think Plummy is the best puppy to carry on that tradition and, to us, that is the most important factor. Big Blue will get an absolutely wonderful home with kids, other dogs, horses and lots of land to roam. Plummy will be stuck here with us so I'm not sure we've actually done him any favors. But we will give him the type of special life a special boy deserves. Given his rather precarious start to life, we think this is why he was allowed to survive.

I apologize for the lack of photos recently. After two Herding Trials two weeks ago, I sent off my cameras for cleaning and then sold them to make room -- and money -- for my latest acquisition: a Canon 7D due to arrive before the weekend. So, while Blue is headed up to Atlanta with Linda to meet his new family, I'll be getting Red Boy back for 10 days and he & Plummy will be getting lots of play time. So, stay tuned.


Jim Garvie