No, Don, really -- this has been truly evaluated from every angle grin. We're hooked on both of them. If we were being totally rational, it would be Blue. But I've gotten more than a little fed up with what's going on in AKC Conformation -- especially in the Rottie ring. I have to admit a piece of it is that I am in a position to know too much. But, regardless, the focus on having a show dog is less important to us these days than it might have been in the past. Yes, we'd like him to be healthy and gorgeous. If he gets a chance to win his CH, fine. But there are far more important things for him to do in terms of what will make him happy, what will make us happy and what might make other people happy. And those things really are important. Far more important than a CH in front of his name.

BTW, the theme of this litter is Great Foods Of The World and we're thinking of naming him Annihaus RJM Baba Au Rum and calling him Rummy wink.


Jim Garvie