Well, the cobbler has been unable to produce any shoes for the family recently. Just too busy with the Eukanuba, the Holidays, and just getting everything settled in the household. But, today, I actually took a few shots of The Great Scampisi in the yard prior to taking him to the park for a walk and some socialization. He walked on a short lead with me, did some obedience exercises (very well), let me stack him and move him as in Conformation (excellent) and then went over to the playground and met a bunch of kids and their moms. He loved the trip; the people loved him. He was a really good puppy! So, here at 17 weeks of age, 51 lbs. and tall enough to drink from the big dogs' water dish is Scampy.

Enjoy. I promise to do better as he continues to grow up (we hope) smile.


Jim Garvie