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$75 for 8 hours of shooting plus set up/take down time is barely minimum wage, never mind the mileage you are putting on your equipment taking all those shots.

Actually, where I live, minimum wage is $10.25, so it was less then making minimum wage per hour. Here's the kicker, the Santa was usually a store employee who was being paid by the hour.

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Put it this way - if you add up your time, equipment costs, gas, etc. and used the money that you spent doing this fundraiser for actual advertising which do you think would be a better investment?

. . . And don't forget the time spent editing. I see your point. Well noted.

The good news is that one rescue, for their Valentine Day Event, has invited me back, and has agreed to my go along with my new approach of taking a sitting fee and selling prints and packages to go along with it. Here's to hoping that it's a success!