Well, we started off with a REALLY rocky start yesterday. We were supposed to fly out to Salt Lake City last night at 5:30 PM. The only problem is that apparantly our airline 'lost our tickets' even though I had an on-line reservation number and they had our names and itinery in the computer. I have never heard of THAT happening. We were also told that we can't get a flight (with our miles) until Monday..

Much of yesterday was spent canceling hotels and car rentals. I can say that all of the vendors we were dealing with are wonderful and that we wound up not having to pay for our change in stays except one - which is a small business in Jackson, and I gave them our blessing to charge us as we were supposed to stay there today.

We also are getting a chance to see some relatives for longer than normal, so all is not lost. We are missing a day in the Tetons and a day in the park though, which is sad. I had never stayed in Lake before and was really looking forward to it.

BTW, for those interested in lenses. We now have added the 500 8 mirror lens to our collection as well. First impressions...well, it is too early to say yet. I will say that it is AMAZINGLY light and pretty sharp for 140 dollars. :)