I finished the Brooklyn Mutt Show today. I think that I took over 1500 images with the 5d III over the last two days. Over all, I am really pleased with the camera. I was on the fence as to whether or not I would keep it initially as I will admit that the production of the Nikon D800 kind of blew me away with their 36 megapixel sensor...and of course, the rumors that Canon would be coming out with a 3.

I purchased the 5diii because I felt like I absolutely needed a new body. While I have older cameras, I felt that I needed something in the same caliber of the 5dii that I had. The 5diii is all that and more...and now that I have set up the custom directory, I will say that it is pretty easy to navigate. I hope to have an article in the next week up about the 5dIII.