July 19th.

We traveled from Salt Lake City to Mammoth National Park, starting at about 10 AM EST. We went the 'long' route, following I89 instead of taking 215 (which is much faster). We went through several national forests - something that I have not done in years.

We drove through Caribou, Bridger, Cache, Targhee and Bridger National Forests. While it was still obviously only the briefest view of the forests, it was beautiful and much more pleasant to drive than on a major interstate highway.

We decided to drive up through Jackson and the Tetons into Mammoth instead of going up through the West Enterance. We were also hoping to run into JohnnyCB, whom we have been in contact with as our trips are coinciding. Unfortunately, we crossed paths and were unable to meet.

We wound up in Mammoth at around 8 PM EST. There was a group of bull elk about 10 miles south of Mammoth Hotsprings. They had huge racks but were out in the distance. Unfortunately, the weather was significantly cloudy and I did not get the sunset that I want (I have been looking for a particular sunset in Mammoth).