Well, since I didn't get a reply to my question this morning about whether or not the contest has been extended, I'll just submit my entry and you can do what you will.

First, a point of order: while I appreciate the artistic merit of all the submitted entries in this 50mm Challenge, I'd like to suggest that special consideration should be given for not just artistic merit but also degree of difficulty smile. I would suggest that taking great pictures of kitty cats or puppies takes great skill. However, it does not take pure, adrenaline-producing courage. That comes from taking pictures, with a 50mm lens, of creatures that can be positively vicious. To wit: the nasty Black Swan.

Well, OK, maybe not Creatures of the Serengeti but these guys have been known to bite and peck. And to fill the frame with a 50mm lens -- even on a crop body -- means working within 3 ft of these creatures. I'm just sayin' smile.

Here is my submission: a Black Swan from Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.

Enjoy. Note, no photographers were injured in the pursuit of this photograph.


Jim Garvie