The morning we left Grant Village turned into a 'vcation day.' We got up at around 9 AM - mostly because the clock was set wrong (PM instead of AM) and the alarm did not go off. Breakfast at Grant Village was very good.

We started off and headed out towards the East Enterance. We drove over fishing bridge and took some scenics over Lake. However, the road was under construction and we turned around before hitting the Sylvan Pass. We were hoping to find grizzly, but were not able to. We DID take some more wild flower photographs. They were great.

We cut down (south) and re-traced our foot steps, going back around Grant and up towards Old Faithful. We stopped at the Midway Geyser Basin at about 1 PM and napped for about 1/2 hour. Then, we photographed what we could. The sky had nice fluffy clouds and even though the hour was late, the light was not overly-objectionable (at that time, often, the light is so strong that it is very hard to photograph).

I used the 10-22 for most of the shots at the Midway Geyser Basin. I was surprised that given how much water was all around the parks (much higher water levels than in past years) that the geysers in the Midway Geyser Basin appeared to be so empty. I do not know what could have caused this. However, one of my favorite places to photograph became a bit of a disappointment photographically.

Later, we climbed the Artist's Paint Pots Trailhead. It was interesting because biologists were working in the stream bed with some park rangers.

Afterwards, we made our way towards the West Gate and drove to Jackson Hole via Montana and Idaho - going down Route 22 through Ashton, Driggs and Victor. We have been debating purchasing land in Victor or Alpine as an investment property. Victor, IMO, was the nicest town within 25 miles of Jackson (though tiny in comparison to Jackson) and relatively close to the Parks area. However, I now understand the price differential in land. Jackson is VERY expensive. The outlying towns are incredibly affordable.

It was a bit odd to see the Grand Tetons backwards...:) It is a pity that the weather was cloudy and hazy as I think that it would have potentially been a nice photograph...particularly at sunrise. Normally, most photographs I have seen are taken from the other side of the mountains (often from Schawbanger's (sp) point).

It was here that we had the opportunity to find out what "The Pass" is. All I can say is 'whoa.' The Pass is a road that goes up the edge of the mountain between Victor and Wilson Wyoming. It also has no guard rails for much of the drive. While it was definitely 'doable' during the summer, the idea of going up that in the winter on an icy road - or at night - is daunting. I have never seen anything like that in my life.

We wound up in Jackson at about 7 PM and stopped in on our friend, Janet, at the Buckrail Lodge (where we were staying). In my opinion, this is the neatest and cleanest lodge in Jackson and is very affordable. We have been staying there for years and the proprieter has become a friend over time. It was nice to be back - and to have a TV again (the rooms in the parks have no TV...which was OK). They have no telephones in the rooms but do have wireless internet. Go figure. :)

We ate at a restaurant in Jackson called the Merry Piglets. The salsa is QUTIE good - and even though the food was decent, I was still lamenting the loss of their chips, which used to be in the shape of pigs ears.

We got in, did our first web log, and crashed til the next morning.