We ate at a restaurant in Jackson called the Merry Piglets. The salsa is QUTIE good - and even though the food was decent, I was still lamenting the loss of their chips, which used to be in the shape of pigs ears.

James, we ate at the same place.....being from Texas we needed our Mexican food fix...lol.

We are now in Colorado Springs.....Manitou Springs to be exact. When I get back to Texas I'll post links to my pictures. I think there is some really nice stuff. I did go to West Yellowstone and have two DVDs burned of my first 4 gigs plus of pictures as I was not trusting my Delkin Picture Pad. I now have another 4+ gigs to offload and/or burn before doing some more work here in the Springs area. I hope to go out and shoot some fly fisherman who will actually catch something.

Did you see any eagles or the trumpeter swans near West Yellowstone on the Madison River?

Moose?.... I was able to finally find some nice bulls and got some great shots but the mosquitoes chased me away before he finally moved down to the river to drink. I waited and waited for that opportunity but lost out to the blood suckers.

Sorry we didn't get to hookup.....would have been nice to meet you.

-JM [/quote]

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