My wife and I were up and out around 7:30 AM. We stayed in for coffee with the Colonel. Afterwards, we did breakfast at Jedediah's in Jackson. Jedediah's is 'home of the sourdough pankcake.' Everything is sour dough...and sour it is. When they say it, they mean it. They make a decent omelette, but I was not prepared for the breads/pancakes (reguardless of the name).

We started off down the Moose Wilson Trail and the Death Canyon Trail Heads. Moose Wilson leads out of Teton Village. It was beautiful. We saw two moose cows while there - both appeared to be adolescents to me. Old enough to be on their own, but not mothers themselves.

We spent several hours photographing the moose. However, I wound up getting poison sumack (or some such skin rot) while in the folliage. It was worth it.

Afterwards, we went to Jenny Lake and did some hiking. We got back to Jackson at around 4:30 PM so we drove out behind the Elk Refuge looking for Bighorn Sheep. None.

At 6 PM we met a wedding photographer friend of ours in Jackson. He took us to the various galleries and introduced us to David Brookover - a very nice fellow with some spectacular work. We then did dinner at Pica's and called it a night. Tomorrow we were to drive back to Salt Lake City and fly back home (almost).