We looked at some investment properties in the Jackson area. I am anxious about purchasing anything do to current property costs. However, I am not sure about the great fall of prices that most experts are talking about. I MAY decide to purchase 25 acres in nearby Victor (as I said earlier, a beautiful town on the wrong side of the pass). It may some day be a nice place to retire to.

We stopped in on another friend who owns a B&B in Jackson (Tom and Nancy of The Grand Victorian Lodge) and then drove out to SLC. We went back South Via 89 again, HOWEVER, we made some changes to the route that shortened it significantly.

At Montpellior (sp), we veered off of 89 for a short while - that allowed us to cut about 2 hours off of our trip while still providing a very scenic view. We cut across 80 West into Salt Lake City.

We called it a night and went to the airport at 6 AM on the 26th...to Providence to pick up the cats and then to Manhattan thereafter.