Before I end this article, I would like to thank:

1. Steve Kossack - Again - for taking me on this trip. It was an experience of a lifetime. Without your guidance, I probably never would have made it past the "Break Down Bridge." Check out Steve's site:

2. MAC Group for sending me the MeFoto tripod ( It saved me about 2 pounds in weight over my normal tripod. That 2 pounds sure meant a huge deal to me out on the trail. If you would like to read the MeFOTO RoadTrip 1350 Tripod Field Review, please click on the link. There is a 10% discount on the tripod if you purchase it through Hunts. The coupon code is 10JAMES. Note, I receive no revenue from this. It is just a courtesy from Hunts.

3. Gary Farber and the people at Hunts Photo and Video for making the connection possible ( with MAC Group. If you need any camera gear, please consider buying through them. It is nice to know that small business can still make it in the photography world.

4. Singh Ray Filters ( Singh Ray has sent me three filters to use in the past which I have been using routinely for my work the last couple of years. They make a spectacular product, and all of the photos on this page were touched in some way by one of their filters.