About Roger Hogan!

My wife Barbara and I have been marring going on 47 years and she has always been my biggest supporter. We have been self employed most of our adult life. At this time we own and operate The Hotel & Shops a refurbished 1939 Hotel in down town Chama, New Mexico.

http://www.thehotel.org/ Our Hotel is located directly across the street from the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. We have two gift shops in the Hotel on the ground floor and a poster gallery on the second floor.

Barbara manages the Hotel & Gift Shops, I shoot wildlife and shoot and videos for the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic railroad. I have been doing their photos and videos for many years now. Since I have to spend a lot of time editing I am just down the hall so ready and available for honey do's.

IMHO having quality equipment is a must if you plan on doing your job correctly and want to put out a quality product. I use Canon gear.

Camera Bodies
1. EOS 1dx
2. EOS Mark 111
3. EOS 5d

Lenses: Canon L lenses
1. 16 to 35
2. 70 to 200
3. 500

1. 580 EX 11
2. Better Beamer

BushHawk to mount my different cameras on. I have not used it in a few years, I used it when I would go into wilderness areas on horseback, that way I could shoot off of the horse and still get some keepers.