Thanks for sharing the pictures James! I have been meaning to stop in here and see if there was anything new.. I guess I've been more busy than I thought! :)

We finally broke down and planned a trip to Yellowstone over Labor Day weekend. Not sure I want to travel with the rest of the world on a holiday weekend, but it's one of the few 4 day weekends we get.. so we better take advantage!! I'm pretty excited, especially after seeing your pictures!!

I will have to check where Victor is. I think my husband and the guys from his family traveled there once to golf when we were vacationing in Jackson Hole. Is it near Driggs maybe? We usually go to Yellowstone the back way and see the back side of the Tetons. It's an unusual perspective, isn't it? :) I have heard that pass is creepy, but I've never been on it, not sure I want to! I'll go around. LOL