I do get out a lot and that is where I would make my own list of places, but I wouldn't want everyone to be going there then it would be to crowded. Like I said from that show saying the Tetons were number one, well the closest town is Jackson Hole, EXPENSIVE to live so they may have just bought them a spot to get people out there. So I see what you mean.


I agree - Jackson prices are obscene - and this is coming from a Manhattanite. The problem with prices in Jackson is that 97% of the land around Jackson is protected - making it very expensive. Most folks who wish to live affordably in the area are moving either South to Alpine or West to Victor/Driggs. However, I understand why. Jackson is beautiful, and for a small town has a very cosmopolitan feel.

Anyway, I expect to not to see all the critters when I go out. I realize it is a crapshoot (one that I should be very happy with when I get it). However, when you vacation, you ALWAYS hope for the best. I have seen plenty of wolves, but never close enough to photograph. It makes the challenge interesting for each successive trip. :P